Spare Parts

Here is just a selection of our spare part offering;

Magnetic Pick Up

Magnetic Pick ups

MG38L; 3/8"

MG58L; 5/8" 

Temperature Gauge

Engine Instrumentation

Gauges for pressure, temperature and fuel

Senders for pressure, temperature and level

Hours run counters


Motor Protection Fuses

Motor protection fuses



Red Lamp Indicator

Pilot Devices

  • Green, red, white 22mm indicators, all voltages

  • Push buttons, various contact configuration and colours

  • Sounders

Battery Chargers

Preset and tested for your application;

  • 12v Lead acid

  • 12v NICAD

  • 24v Lead Acid

  • 12v Lead acid

Pressure Transducer

Pressure Transducers

A017; 600PSI rated